Bais Toras Menachem & ORT College Partnership


Bais Toras Menachem Continues Successful ORT College Partnership

Last year BTM launched a partnership with ORT College and had 7 of its Semicha students also attending experiential classes in Business Management toward an AAS degree.  The students successfully completed the year, and are returning again this year to finish their Semicha and to complete their degree! 

New students are presently enrolling in this innovative program for the coming semester. In fact if enough students enroll, BTM will expand to offer more courses with ORT (either a degree program in accounting, or ‘diploma programs’ which take one year or less, such as phlebotomy or graphic design.)

Bais Toras Menachem is proud to welcome its new staff member, Mr. Yaakov Mark, who will be the Administrator as well as Ort College and GED class coordinator. Yaakov has over 25 years of combined Business and Sales Experience.  As a Senior Sales Consultant for one of the largest online education providers, Yaakov provided consultant services to professionals looking to advance their careers in High Tech and other occupations.  He will also be a liaison between parents, students, staff of BTM and ORT to ensure that everything is running smoothly. For any future information or questions, he can be contacted at 323-246-5639

Additionally, an alternate GED class has been arranged for those students in need, (a HS Diploma or GED is requirement to enroll in Ort College) which will be somewhat accelerated depending on the student’s capacity. The instructor will be Mr. Yonatan Amzelek. Yonatan is a UCLA graduate who has experience working with teenagers, tutoring them in a wide array of subjects. Whenever the student completes the course and passes GED exams, they will be able to transfer to the Business Management Course. (Students will not be ‘lost’ upon entering the course, as a new module is started each month so it will not be difficult to make up anything he may miss if it is not at the beginning of the month that he joins).

The program prepares students both for managing someone’s company or to actually be able to start and run a company from the bottom up.  They will understand how to get funding, day to day management, marketing and all facets of running a successful company.  ORT College designed the program specifically tailored to the skill demands of real companies who hire many of their students, and they boast a 90% job placement rate in lower and upper level management.

 Now that I have finished a year, I realize that I have skills most of my friends do not have whether they are going to college or not!” said Yossi Weiss, one of our students who will graduate from our program this year.

Registration is still open for a bit longer for new students to join this wonderful program which will begin on October 28th. The hours are from 3pm-8pm, Monday through Thursday.

To find out more about this unprecedented opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in a frum environment, men only, catered to either a Yeshiva schedule or those working part time, or to register, call now! Registration is open for one more week; Orientation and first class begins on Tuesday October 28th.

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