BDE: Cyclist Murdered In Beersheva Attack Identified As Chabad Emissary Moshe Kravitzki


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Chabad community in Beersheva and around the world was plunged into mourning after it was announced that one of the victims of the brutal terror attack in the city Tuesday afternoon was Chabad emissary Rabbi Moshe Kravitzki. Rabbi Kravitzki served as the shaliach (emissary) in the Nahal Beka neighborhood in southern Beersheva.

Rabbi Kravitzki Hy’D was active in the neighborhood, directing activities at the shul as well as maintaining a Kollel Chabad soup kitchen over the last ten years. The kitchen served as a focal point and welfare center for many poor and elderly residents in the neighborhood. Rabbi Kravitzki also ran the Chabad house for Russian speakers in Beersheva for many years.

Rabbi Kravitzki, a paragon of kindness and empathy for others, left a wife and four young children who were suddenly orphaned in the barbaric attack. He did not have a driving license, preferring instead to ride a bicycle and he was run over and murdered by the terrorist as he was riding Tuesday afternoon.

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Details of the levaya will be posted when they are announced.

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