Belarus Provides Large Tents And Facilities For Breslov Chasidim On Ukraine Border


BELARUS (VINnews) — In a humanitarian gesture towards the Breslov chasidim stranded on the Ukrainian border in harsh conditions, the Belarus government erected a number of large tents and provided some basic facilities for the chasidim, including portable bathrooms.

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The Red Cross also provided heated tents for women, children and senior citizens exposed to the elements in Belarus


Breslov leaders in Uman stated that “Despite the efforts and changes we made to prepare Uman for the period of coronavirus, the authorities are not allowing others to arrive. This despite the fact that there are not even yet 3000 chasidim present in Uman as authorized by the government. Additionally, we who number hundreds of Jews have been in Uman for a number of weeks and there has not been a coronavirus outbreak. This must be because we are obeying the rules. We are witness to a toughening approach at the border and a refusal to let more people enter, but we still hope that the good hearts, compassion, and consideration for the hundreds of righteous people suffering at the borders will prevail and the crisis in Belarus will end with goodwill.”

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