Ben Shapiro Speaks Out Against NYT


FLORIDA (VINnews) — Popular conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro, an orthodox Jew, has blasted the NY Times in a series of tweets, over its vicious hit piece against Chassidim.

Shapiro wrote: There are 1.1 million students in NYC public schools. The public school system there is a disaster; the NYT has supported policies that promote its failures. So the NYT is laser-focused on 50,000 students in private Hasidic boys schools. There’s a reason for that. The media’s new war on Hasidic Jewry is merely a metastasized version of the old culture war against evangelical Christians: anyone who rejects the predations of Left-wing pseudo-morality must be targeted. That theme undergirds the NYT investigation.  I am very much in favor of solid English, math and science education for students of all stripes. But the NYT’s specific focus is extraordinarily telling.


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Source: VosIzNeias


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