Barely a year has passed since the Biale Rebbe’s last visit in Los Angeles but it seems like so much more. Since then dozens of miracle stories resulted from the Rebbe’s blessings last year, and the sense of wonder and awe that remains with all those who met him in Los Angeles buzz within the community. Now anticipation pulses among the Los Angeles residents, who look forward to seeing the beloved Rebbe again, hearing his golden advice, and above all, glimpsing his loving smile.


What is it about Biale Bnei Brak that attracts thousands to the Rebbe? What propels hundreds of people to stand on line for hours for a meeting with the Rebbe?


It happened about a year ago, at the start of the winter. Thousands of people gathered in the Chassidic town of New Square in honor of the wedding of the granddaughter of one the great leaders of our generation the esteemed famous Skverer Rebbe with the son of the Rebbe of Biale Bnei Brak. An event like this naturally attracts thousands; anyone with a connection to any of the Rebbes looks forward to participate and take part of the blessing that such a fortuitous event generates.

As expected, thousands of streimel and kapote-clad chassidim were in attendance, thousands of Square chassidim from New square and from abroad and of course a huge crowd of Biale chassidim who had come especially from Israel to participate at the wedding. But among this uniform crowd there was also something different: together with the chassidim standing on the twenty-tiered bleachers was a very noticeable segment of people who were not wearing streimlach. They sported a large spectrum of appearances, from kipot srugot to bent-down hats, ties, tuxedos, and trimmed or shaved beards. These were people who came from all over the U.S.—doctors, lawyers, realtors, financers, bank officials, Young Israel Rabbis—people who would not be expected to come, participating from the very beginning of the wedding until four a.m.

We scanned these attendants who had come from California and Florida, Manhattan, and Bergenfield, and wondered what they were doing at this wedding. Their response? We are the Biale Rebbe’s chassidim!


We met there a distinguished rabbi from the community of Edison, New Jersey. The Rabbi was a graduate of a Yeshivah University and clearly didn’t have the look of a Biale yeshivah alumnus. When we asked him what his connection to the Biale Chasidic group was, he told us a story that he had just told his community members the previous Shabbos:

As the rabbi of his community, an engaged couple asked him to arrange the marriage ceremony at their wedding. This couple had a problem that no one else knew about except them and the rabbi. When they heard that the Rebbe of Biale Bnei Brak was in the U.S., they went to him for a blessing before their wedding. As soon as they entered the Rebbe’s room, even before they could say a word, the Rebbe told them their secret problem. They told their rabbi later about this instance of obvious Ruach Hakodesh, and he quickly made sure to secure his own appointment with the Rebbe. Since then the rabbi has met the Rebbe many times and makes no move in his personal and public life without the Rebbe’s blessing.


We met a known caterer from New York and asked him what his story was. What was his connection with Biale Rebbe? His story begins two years ago. His friend hired him to cater his daughter’s wedding. During that wedding he noticed a large crowd at the side of the hall, and when he went to check it out he was told that this crowd was all waiting for a blessing from the Rebbe of Biale Bnei Brak. The bride of that wedding was the third daughter in her family to get married that year. Less than a year earlier the bride’s father asked the Biale Rebbe for a blessing for his still single older children. The Rebbe looked at the note that he gave him with the names of his children and said, “For the Ribono shel Olam it’s not hard to marry them all off in one year. May He help that they all get married this year.” Having heard a story that happened to his own friend and actually participating at the wedding, the caterer was determined to get his own blessing from the great tzaddik.


Tens of people are standing in line in the banquet hall to be blessed by the Rebbe (the caterer tells me that he himself knows of another ten miraculous salvations that occurred to people who were blessed by the Biale Rebbe shlit”a at that wedding). “I waited until close to four o’clock in the morning for my turn,” the caterer tells me, “I approached the Rebbe, wrote down my children’s names, and told the Rebbe that my daughter who is studying at university  has been going out with an excellent boy, but we don’t know if he’s planning to get engaged to her or not. The Biale Rebbe looked at their names, stared at me with his gentle eyes and told me, “He’s buying the engagement ring now.” “What can I tell you,” says the caterer, “the next day the boy phoned my daughter and told her that he wants to get engaged! Since then we are full of admiration for the Rebbe. Many of my friends and acquaintances who have met the Rebbe tell me amazing stories of the Biale Rebbe’s greatness.”


There are countless stories that attest to the power of the Rebbe’s blessing. A distraught couple once came to the Rebbe with worrisome news. The wife, who was pregnant again after all her previous ones had tragically ended with a miscarriage, was informed by her doctor that her unborn baby would be sick. He even advised the couple to consider adopting a child. The Rebbe read the couple’s note with their Hebrew names and declared that he didn’t see any problem and that their child would be healthy. He advised the shocked couple to undertake additional mitzvos and assured that he himself would participate at their healthy son’s bris. The joy at that bris was indescribable.

At another occasion, a Jew from Los Angeles came to the Rebbe in distress with the news that he was diagnosed with leukemia. The Rebbe blessed him that he would be cured in the merit of putting on Tefillin every day. Less than a year later, the man came to the Rebbe with medical documents that reported that he was completely clean.

Businessmen attest that since receiving the Rebbe’s blessing their businesses flourished unbelievably. Barren couples had children after many years. People who’d been pursued by the court and couldn’t sleep at night in inconceivable trepidation, witnessed wondrous turnabouts. These and more are just a fraction of the miracles that people merited through the Rebbe’s blessings. It is not surprising that hundreds of people flock to the Rebbe’s door, awaiting his advice and blessing.


The Rebbe doesn’t rests for a moment. He has 15 biological children, keineinehora,  The Rebbe spearheads the institutions “Mishnas Shimon” in Beitar Illit, Biale shuls and kollels in Bnei Brak, Jerusalem, Beitar Illit, Modi’in Illit, Ashdod, and Beit Shemesh, and closest to the Rebbe’s heart, the Fund for Orphans and Widows, which functions under the Rebbe’s personal supervision. This special fund provides clothing, shoes, homey accommodations in the yeshiva dormitory, and even pocket money for the orphans studying in the Biale yeshivos. But most of all, the Rebbe takes these precious souls under his wing, opening his home for them and caring for their needs as only a father would. The Rebbe follows up on their learning and pairs them with private mentors. The Rebbe personally sees to it that they have new clothing before each holiday. Once, when the Rebbe returned from an overseas trip before Pesach, he went to visit the orphans straight from the airport, even before he saw his family, and gave each one money to buy clothing and gifts for Yom Tov, and only then did he go home.


Recently was the big Chanukas Habais for a new building that was built in Harav Shach Street in Beitar Illit. This building is another tier in the Biale Rebbe’s wide-ranging institutions in Israel, and it joins the Rebbe’s Yeshiva which is located on HaRabbi MiLubavitch Street in Beitar. Last year the Yeshivah experienced difficult times when tens of Yeshivah students heard the sirens as missiles and rockets were launched by Arab murderer’s right over the roof of the Yeshivah. The Yeshivah is in a prefabricated structure and the Yeshivah students awakened during the days of the war to the alarming siren warning them of impending rockets. The Rebbe Shlit”a, who is like a father to the students, came specially to stay with them in order to strengthen and encourage them. As the war continued, a building in Zefat was rented and the Yeshivah moved to there to rest and recover from the horrors of the war. The Rebbe, who carries his students/ children, has  built the new building in Beitar which houses a Beis Midrash and Shul for Biale chassidim in Beitar, and a logistic center for assistance and support of hundreds of orphans, widows and needy families supported by the Rebbe at all times.


When the day ends in New York the phones start humming from Israel, with Jews from Israel on the line who need the Rebbe’s blessing and advice. When the Rebbe is in Israel, phone calls come from Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and New Jersey, because all Jews are his children. Hundreds of emails arrive at the Rebbe’s secretariat, and the Rebbe devotes time every day to answer the questions that arrive from all corners of the world. He prays for each of them, either in his Beit Midrash, or at holy sites, or at his ancestors’ graves; the Rebbe carries the burden of the whole nation, feeling their sorrow and rejoicing with their Simchas. There are seven Gabbaim who work around the clock to answer the thousands of questions of people who phone to get a blessing from the Rebbe. Their greatest satisfaction is to tell the Rebbe the good news of another miracle, a child that was born or a couple that got engaged due to his holy blessing.


Amongst the Rebbe’s many attributes is a deep perception in all areas of life. Parents from all parts of the world consult the Rebbe about education issues. Many times the Rabbi provides surprising advice which brings about a complete change to the entire household. Homes which were full of strife are now happy, peaceful homes. Countless cases of conflict between couples are solved following the Rebbe’s instructions. Even in hopeless circumstances peace was restored thanks to the Rebbe’s immense investment and intervention.


One of the Rebbe’s “hobbies” is helping singles find their marriage partners. Many single boys and girls and parents of singles come to the Rebbe for his encouragement and blessing. But more than just offer his blessing, the Rebbe actively seeks marriage partners for them. Last summer the Rebbe participated in the wedding of a couple who were close to forty years old. People said that this took miracle place thanks to the Rebbe’s support, encouragement, and “pushing”. The Rebbe devoted many hours to the two of them separately and together, until the plate was finally broken at 3:00 a.m. with joy and singing by the parents and the happy couple.


As has already been mentioned above, the residents of LOS ANGELES will be privileged to meet with the Rebbe once again. The Rebbe’s main lodgings in Los Angeles will be at the home of the honorable, Dr. David and Dorothy Stoll, at 422 S. LAS PALMAS AVE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90020.


As known, the number of people that are connected to the Rebbe Shlit”a in California adds up to thousand’s. Therefore, the Rebbe tries to stay in Los Angeles a few weeks so all the people who are interested to come and see the Rebbe and get his blessings can do that. This year, residents of California will have the merit to 3 Shabbosim of Holiness, happiness and words of Torah.
The second Shabbos, Parshas TOLDOS, NOVEMBER 13, will be held in The KOLLEL YECHIEL YEHUDA with the participation of the well-known Rabbi Yochanan Henig and the Rosh Hakollel Rabbi Menachem Krybus, at 441 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, at 8.30 pm.  There are still some people in Los Angeles who remember the Rebbe’s Holy Father, the previous Biale Rebbe Z”TZl.  So it is now over 30 years that Rabbis of the community, Shtreimlech wearers, and modern Jews, have participated in Biale tishes.

On Shabbos morning, the Rebbe will pray at the Beis Naftali shul, which is under the leadership of the prominent shul president, the known activist for Torah, Reb Andrew Friedman.
Large numbers are expected to join the Rebbe at the third meal – Seudos Shelishis that will be held at the YAVNEH SHUL under the leadership of the well-known Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, 5353 W. 3rd Street Los Angeles, California 90036
The third Shabbos, Parshas VAYEITZEI, NOVEMBER 20, will be held in the Pico Robertson area. There the main host is the well-known Rabbi of the Link kollel, Rabbi Asher Brander.  Yearly, the community there gets big Chizuk and the entire area is waiting the whole year for the Rebbe’s visit. And every year the same question is asked, “When is the Rebbe coming again?” The Shabbos will be held at THE LINK KOLLEL&  SHUL, 1453 S ROBERTSON BLVD At 8.30 PM.


A special part of the Tisch is when the Rebbe recites the “Kiddush” in a special Nussach keeping the entire crowd electrified by his holy service.

It is known to his Chassidim that the time of “Kiddush” is a special time with potential to bring about great salvation. Singing together at the Tisch moves the masses each time as if they are hearing it for the first time. The assembled feel a “real taste of paradise” each time they experience a Shabbos gathering.


The following story was told first hand by a respectful Monsey businessman;  Eight years ago, my friends told me that the Bnei Brak Biale Rebbe was visiting Monsey and recommended that I get a blessing from him. I went into the Rebbe with a kvittel with my name and those of my family. At that time I had three daughters, the youngest already six years old. The Biale Rebbe looked at my kvitel and asked me “What’s with a boy?” I looked at the Rebbe and replied that I’ll be delighted to have a son. The Rebbe told me that the time hasn’t yet come for this blessing, but it will happen. That Friday night I participated in the Rebbe’s “Oneg Shabbos” tish. There was a large crowd there enjoying the Rebbe’s singing and talking. Suddenly the Rebbe looked around in all directions as if he’s searching for somebody, and when he saw me, he called me over, took a piece of fish with a bone from his portion, put it in my hand and said “Take a son” (a play on Yiddish/Hebrew words – in Yiddish a bone is called a “bein” which is like the Hebrew word for son, “bein”). After the tish the Rebbe spoke to me and told me which extra things I should take on. The miracle took place immediately! Nine months later I stood outside the delivery room and phoned the Biale Rebbe in Bnei Brak (with apologies to my parents whom I phoned after the Rebbe): “Mazel tov”, I told the Rebbe, “It’s a boy!!!”, “Mazel tov”, the Rebbe answered, “I know already!!!!”

Now, the residents of Los Angeles also have the opportunity. If you haven’t yet met the Rebbe and you are interested in making a personal appointment for advice, blessing, or guidance, you can do this now by phoning the Rebbe’s personal English speaking secretary, Reb Moshe Friedman at 917-272-40-45 or send an email to BIALEBNEIBRAK@GMAIL COM.


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