Biden Finally Admits Border Isn’t Secure, Believes ‘Massive Changes’ Needed: ‘I’m Ready To Act’


President Biden acknowledged on Friday that the US-Mexico border is not secure, contradicting Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Biden made this admission after expressing support for “massive changes” in immigration policy during a speech to a bipartisan group of mayors in the White House East Room. He emphasized the need for significant policy changes, particularly in the asylum system, to gain better control over border security. Biden urged action from House Republicans, challenging them to decide whether they are willing to address the issue or continue politicizing it.

“No, it’s not,” Biden said when asked whether the frontier was secure.

“I believe we need significant policy changes at the border, including changes in our asylum system to ensure that we have the authorities we need to control the border. I’m ready to act,” the president said. “Now the question is for the [House] Speaker [Mike Johnson] and the House Republicans: Are they ready to act as well?” Biden added. “They have to choose whether they want to solve a problem or keep weaponizing the issue to score political points against the president. I’m ready to solve the problem. I really am,” he added. “Massive changes, and I mean it sincerely.”

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In his speech, President Biden voiced his hope for Senate negotiators to announce a compromise on border policy in the coming week. This compromise is expected to be part of a broader $106 billion supplemental spending request, covering military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Biden expressed readiness to act on the necessary changes at the border and called on House Republicans to join in solving the problem. He emphasized his commitment to substantial and sincere reforms.

The specifics of asylum policy changes that could garner support from the White House, Senate Democrats, and House Republicans remain uncertain. The current administration’s policy allows almost all migrants illegally crossing the border to enter the US and await asylum proceedings, granting them work permits after an initial waiting period. President Biden ended the “Remain in Mexico” policy implemented by former President Trump, which required asylum seekers to stay south of the border while awaiting case rulings.

Despite contradicting Mayorkas’ claims that the border is secure, Biden defended his Homeland Security chief when questioned about House Republican efforts to impeach and remove him. The president expressed confusion about the move and reiterated his commitment to addressing the ongoing migrant crisis, which has led to record-breaking numbers of illegal crossings.

Biden faced criticism for his handling of the border situation, particularly after December witnessed an all-time high in illegal crossings. Responding to critiques, the president sarcastically remarked about misleading portrayals of his stance on open borders.

“I love how I turned on [TV] and, ‘Biden is for a free and open border, just tear down everything — everybody come, no restrictions,’” the president sarcastically remarked during his speech.

He defended his record by referencing reform legislation sent to Congress in 2021, aiming to legalize most migrants currently in the US illegally. Additionally, he noted a request for more border security funds made in October, following a fiscal year that saw an all-time record for unlawful crossings.

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