Blue emoji ‘Stand up to Jewish Hate’ campaign aims to educate public about antisemitism

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Campaign by Patriots owner Robert Kraft asking Americans to support blue emoji as a sign of solidarity with American Jewish community.

Jewish New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced on Monday the launch of the “Stand up to Jewish Hate” campaign which aims to combat antisemitic attacks occurring across the United States through the use of a blue emoji in solidarity with the Jewish community.

The campaign by Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, was created by the Kraft family through a $25 million grant. It will establish the blue square emoji as a “simple, but powerful symbol of solidarity and support for the Jewish community,” according to CBS News.

The blue square emoji will be on 2.4 percent of televisions, digital screen, social media and billboards, according to the campaign. The number is symbolic as it represents the approximate number of Jews in the United States, who despite being a relatively small population represent over 50 percent of religion-based hate crime victims.

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Kraft told CBS that the US is at a “danger point” regarding historic levels of antisemitism.

“When people realize that the Jewish people represent 2.4 percent of the population of the United States but get 55 percent of the hate crimes, why? It’s based on bigotry and lack of education and it’s not what this country is about. We’re looking for people to partner with us and use this emoji on their iPhone and their iPad and maybe wear the blue square as a sign of solidarity and building bridges and bringing people together with love and support.”

Kraft previously funded an ad to combat antisemitism in October and in January launched a New Year’s resolution against hate.

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