Boca Raton HOA Sues Homeowner Who Made It Easier for Jews to Get to Shul


An HOA in a Florida community is being accused of antisemitism after it filed a lawsuit against a homeowner who installed a gate on his fence to make it easier for Orthodox Jews to get to shul on Shabbos.

The Avalon development in Boca Raton, Florida, is about a two-mile walk to the nearest shul, posing a lengthy walk for Orthodox Jews who want to daven there on Shabbos. Those who wanted to get there had to walk down Highway 441, until one day, a resident of the development installed a gate on his fence and allowed Jews to use it, significantly cutting down the walk time.

But the Avalon development’s HOA responded by slapping the homeowner with a lawsuit, claiming that it’s illegal because it adds an unauthorized access point into the community – despite numerous homes having broken fences, or no fences at all.

“Once we knew this was nothing new to the community other than Orthodox Jews were using it then we knew it was more than just, ‘Oh, you can’t make an adjustment to your property,’” an unnamed Avalon resident told CBS12.

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CBS12 says it emailed the attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the HOA, who said he would address their questions poking holes in their complaint. He never got back to them.

Source: (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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