Bonei Olam Celebrates Historic First Uterus Transplant Birth in the Frum Community


It was just over two years ago that Bonei Olam arranged for rabbonim to hear from a renowned Swedish doctor who is a pioneer in the field of uterus transplants and was the first to deliver a healthy baby through such a procedure just four years before.

And now, for the first time ever, thanks to the efforts of Bonei Olam, a woman in the frum community has had a baby thanks to a uterus transplant.

Over the last two decades, b’rachamei Shomayim, incredible medical developments have been witnessed, especially in the field of infertility. From the most remarkable of them is this procedure, which is providing hope for those who had no conceivable dream of having children on their own.

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But now they can dream.

This dream has come true for a 40-year-old frum woman who, doctors had said, had “zero chance of having baby.”

But those doctors didn’t take into account that we have a Borei Olam who makes the impossible possible.

And the Ribono Shel Olam has shluchim at Bonei Olam, led by the indefatigable Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Bochner, who have never taken “no” for answer or ever given up, even when “experts” have told them otherwise.

Dr. Mats Brännström, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, is credited for his pioneering work in this field, enabling women to undergo a uterus transplant and then hopefully deliver healthy babies.

In this particular case, the new mother had tried for several years, with the help of Bonei Olam, to experience the blessing of motherhood. Every door she encountered was closed on her, the message conveying that she should stop trying, because she’d never have a baby.

For a decade, Bonei Olam had been at the forefront of uterus transplant research, and thus they assured the woman that they’d keep trying.

And try they did.

Those efforts finally bore fruit this past week when the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Some would call it a miracle. And it is, indeed, miraculous.

But it’s a miracle that was brought about thanks to the chesed of the Ribono Shel Olam, who enabled the good doctor in Sweden to introduce a groundbreaking transplant that has replaced despair with hope, and silence with the wonderful crying sounds of a newborn baby.

Bonei Olam has continued to be at the vanguard of advancements in the field of fertility, operating under the guidance of leading rabbonim and poskim across the world.

Bonei Olam has a vital 24-hour rabbonim medical line for all fertility-related questions, connecting rabbonim with the public, enabling available help to reach the masses.

The news of this latest simcha of the uterus transplant birth comes the same week that Bonei Olam celebrated the birth of its 10,000 child – 10,000 babies born thanks to the time, efforts, expertise, and funding of Bonei Olam. (Click HERE to join the initiative to send 10,000 Mazel Tovs to Rabbi and Mrs. Bochner!)

“We’ve been blessed by Hakadosh Boruch Hu to help so many people,” says Rabbi Bochner, “and this latest incredible simcha is truly a historic achievement. Be’ezras Hashem, this has the potential to change lives dramatically, and it is just another chesed from the Ribono Shel Olam, allowing Bonei Olam to continue to work on behalf of our brethren pining for children of their own.”


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