Borough Park Residents Not Receiving Mail


Some residents in part of Borough Park say their mail carrier isn’t coming to their homes these days.

Neighbors on 46th Street say they received a letter a few weeks ago saying their mailboxes don’t meet postal service guidelines, and that they will stop getting mail if they don’t raise them higher. Confused residents say they thought their mail slots were standard, but they have heard their new carrier complain to them about having to bend down.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind says some elderly residents haven’t gotten their Social Security checks. One resident says she has had to pay late fees for bills she never received before shelling out money for a new mailbox.

Some of the Borough Park residents who say they are no longer receiving mail at their homes have to walk to a post office on 51st Street, sometimes waiting on long lines just to get a letter.

Hikind and other elected officials hope the U.S. Postal Service will bring mail back to the area and hire someone fit for the job.

A Postal Service spokesperson said in a statement, “When regulations are established, it is with everyone’s best interests in mind. Safety is always our first priority and our experience has shown that failure to meet that requirement creates an injury risk to our carriers.”

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