British Couple Who Named Their Son After Hitler Found Guilty, Husband A Former Yeshiva Student Says Report


London – British Couple Who Named Their Son After Hitler Found Guilty, Husband A Former Yeshiva Student Says Report


London – A neo-Nazi couple in Britain who named their baby after Hitler were found guilty of being members of a banned terrorist group.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, were convicted on Monday in Birmingham Crown Court in Britain’s West Midlands region for being members of the extreme right-wing organization, National Action. The group was banned in 2016.

The couple had given their baby son the middle name Adolf out of “admiration for the Nazi leader,” Thomas told the jury during the seven-week trial.

Photographs taken by police from their home showed Thomas, who had worked as a security guard, carefully holding his newborn baby while wearing the hood and white robes associated with the Ku Klux Klan.

Thomas also was convicted of having a terrorist manual, titled the “Anarchist’s Cookbook,” which contained instructions on making actual working bombs.

The Jewish Chronicle, ironically reports that Thomas, who is not Jewish had once been a student at a Jerusalem yeshiva under the name of “Avi Thomas”. According to their report, Thomas was interested to convert to Judaism, and studied at the Machon Meir Yeshiva in Jerusalem for two periods of time in 2015, but was eventually turned away from its giur (conversion) programme.

A Machon Meir official confirmed the Chronical report, saying that Thomas was turned away after staff members realized he was unstable.

“We sensed after a while that he was a real ‘meshugeneh’ [mentally-unstable individual],” the yeshiva official said. “This was not evident immediately. He was quite knowledgeable in Torah, mild-mannered and even somewhat pleasant.”

“He has a fantastic memory and was passionate about Torah knowledge. He has a very dark side as well, and a pull towards extremism. Once this side came out we knew he was not worthy for giur [conversion] studies.”

During the trial Thomas admitted to being a racist, but said it is “something I want to put behind me,” the Guardian reported. He said that his parents were “common racists” and that his participation in chat groups where he had made anti-Semitic and racist remarks to other alleged National Action members “was entertaining to me at the time. It was funny at the time.”

Six other West Midlands residents also have been found guilty of being members of the banned extremist group in recent days. The National Action cell displayed hatred of Jews and Muslims in their encrypted online chats, according to The Guardian.


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