Brussels Airlines’ Ends Anti-Semitic Boycott of Israeli Halva


The ZOA welcomes and thanks Brussels Airlines and its parent company Lufthansa for their prompt decision to once again serve halva produced by the Israeli company Achva on Brussels Airlines’ flights.   Achva is located in Israel’s Samaria region near the Israeli city of Ariel.

ZOA also praises Israel’s Foreign Ministry, its deputy head of public advocacy – the brilliant Dore Gold, and Israel’s embassies in Brussels and Berlin for their excellent work on obtaining the fast reversal of the airlines’ prior decision to stop serving halva.

As a quick reminder, “if you see something, say something.”  Let us know right away of any anti-Israel anti-Semitic boycotts.

Last week, after learning that Brussel Airlines’ had caved in to a request by an anti-Israel passenger, and had decided to stop serving Achva halva, ZOA issued an “Action Alert” to our friends and activists.   ZOA asked our pro-Israel friends and activists to post on Brussels Airlines’ (and its parent company Lufthansa Airlines’) Facebook and Twitter pages demands that Brussels Airlines should reverse this discriminatory anti-Semitic boycott of Israeli halva.

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See ZOA Action Alert: Tell Brussels Airlines (Lufthansa Subsidiary) To Stop Its Discriminatory, Anti-Semitic Boycott of Israeli Halva, Aug. 24, 2016.

We wish to thank all our friends and activists who responded and posted social media comments.   Your efforts had an important impact!Combatting the scourge of BDS (anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and sanctions) requires the combined effort of pro-Israel activists, Israeli officials, and government and corporate officials throughout the world who understand that BDS is pure anti-Semitism and hateful.   All of our efforts help.Let’s continue to work together, demanding that all anti-Israel anti-Semitic boycotts must end.  As a quick reminder, “if you see something, say something.”   Let us know right away of any anti-Israel anti-Semitic boycotts.

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