‘Casual Adolf Hitler’ hoodie removed from marketplace following complaints

Adolf Hitler (photo credit: MIHAILO1997/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

“An apology is due to the Jewish community.”

The online marketplace VOVA recently removed its stock for a product labeled “Casual Adolf Hitler Funny Graphic Hoodies New Fashion for Men.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center for International Relations recently penned a complaint to the VOVA headquarters in London, its offices in Hong Kong and its press office in Paris, to remove the antisemitic materials from its website.

The hoodie depicts a graphic of Nazi-party leader Adolf Hitler donning his infamous beige military attire. When the wearer places their hands into the pockets of the sweatshirt, it formulates the full picture.

“VOVA prides itself that it is ‘on mission to provide high quality products from the most trusted companies worldwide,’” said Wiesenthal Center director for international relations Dr. Shimon Samuels in a statement. “VOVA has betrayed that mission on both levels as describing ‘Adolf Hitler’ as ‘casual’ or ‘funny’ and fails in receiving it from a ‘most trusted company.’

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“The banalization of this archetype of hate and discrimination is scathing!,” he concluded. “Destroy all supplies of the Hitler hoodie, investigate and cut all contacts with the delinquent company.

“An apology is due to the Jewish community, lest the ‘Hitler hoodie’ becomes a symbol for neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate.”


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