CHEESEBURGER WITH REAL CHEESE: Israeli Files Lawuit Against Burger King Israel

Burger King Israel. (AP)

A frum Israeli man filed a lawsuit against Burger King for a misleading sign that caused him to eat a non-kosher meal, Ynet reported.

The incident occurred at the Burger King branch in the Azrieli Hod HaSharon Mall. According to the plaintiff, after he saw that the fast-food store had a sign boasting a hechsher, he bought a cheeseburger that he thought was made with vegan cheese.

His meal tasted so good that he asked the staff how the cheese tasted so genuine and was shocked and distressed when they responded that the cheese was dairy. The staff then informed him that the branch was no longer kosher.

In response, Burger King Israel said that a decision was made in 2021 to turn the branch into a non-kosher one and the company asked the mall to remove the kashrus certificates. The chain claims that the mall management later informed them that they removed the signs but apparently they didn’t remove all of them.

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Source: (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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