“Chevra” Event Raises $200K


A recent gala evening for the Young Chevra of Southern California helped raise a record $200,000 for the Keren Avrohom Eliezer Gemach.

On Motzei Shabbos, Young Chevra of Southern California held a Melave Malka Cocktail Evening to benefit Keren Avrohom Eliezer – The Young Chevra Gemach.

The Young Chevra Board planned a stunning evening at the exclusive “MARK” event hall. From the valet parking to the elegant hors d’oeuvres and dessert buffet by MGM Caterers, everything was first class. 250 young Lubavitchers from various communities across the Southland attended.

Following cocktail hour, participants were addressed by RabbiMendel Greenbaum who shared a D’var Torah, which was followed by a short message about the significance of a Gemach from Rabbi Mendel Goldman, who together with his family provided the seed capital that helped establish the Gemach back in 2008 in memory of his brother, Avremi OB”M for whom the Gemach is named.

What took place next was truly an eye opener for everyone in attendance. Rabbi Levi Raichik described how helpful the Young Chevra Gemach had been in serving the community and then requested individuals to publicly announce how much they were willing to contribute as a “pikadon” to the Gemach. People raised their hands and called out numbers, “$1,000” “$5,000” “$3,000” “$10,000” and so on. By the time the numbers were tallied, the event broke a new record and raised over $200,000! This charitable stream of offers will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact for the Young Chevra community.

Following the formal part of the evening, Comedian Rob Caitentertained participants with his own very unique spin on Chabad.

The success of the evening was a credit to the achdus demonstrated by the growing Lubavitcher communities of Southern California. All who attended had a wonderful time, and more importantly, left knowing they had accomplished something very meaningful.

Special thanks to the Gemach Director, Danny Levin and the entire Young Chevra Board for their tireless efforts: Dovie & Yudi Blauner
Michoel & Ettil Bloom, Tzvika & Rivkale Ferszt, Yitzy & Yehudis Geisinsky, Ari & Mirale Goldman, Jonathan & Faygie Herzog, Levy & Malky Lieberman, Dovid & Sara Morris, Nuchie & Chavie Schapiro, Mendel & Esther Schwartz and Berele & Racheli Wilhelm.

“Young Chevra of Southern California” (www.youngchevra.org) is an association of young Lubavitch familes from 15 communities around Southern California. Each of the main local Shuls and regional communities has representation on the Young Chevra Board. The goal of Young Chevra is to promote achdus between the younger Chabad communities of Southern California and strengthen their overall connection with each other.

Keren Avrohom Eliezer – The Young Chevra Gemach, is a valuable resource for young families in Southern California. The Fund is available to assist people overcome a wide variety of circumstances including: helping to make a Simcha, expanding a business, providing a bridge loan, a cashflow crisis, or some other financial difficulties






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