Kol Yakov Yehuda kids Congregation Goes On A Special Shabbaton

2 eighth graders speak out about their shabbos experience 
The shabbaton was organized by Kol Yakov Yehuda- the Rebbes Diamond Daveners- of Los Angeles and was held at 2 of the largest Chabad house campuses in California.
KYY is in the midst of celebrating its Bar Mitzvah Year – and is under the  auspices of Cong Levi Yitzchok
Below Is the first hand report by the children:
Boy’s Shabbaton Report: By Sruly Glabman, eighth grade – Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles
On a recent Erev Shabbos, 25 young mispallelim of Kol Yakov Yehuda left on their Shabbos taste of Shlichus to Chabad of Redondo Beach.The mispalelim were a handful of the many Rebbe’s Diamond Daveners that daven weekly in Los Angeles’ only Shul run for the kids and by the kids.Arriving in Chabad of Redondo Beach with enough time before Shabbos, the boys headed for the Redondo Beach Pier for some Friday Mivtzoim.

Upon arriving at the Pier, the sight of many proud chassidishe children with their yarmulkes proudly on their heads and their tzitzis fluttering in the cool ocean breeze, was astounding. It immediately made for many warm good shabbos wishes which of course were then returned with an invitation to come to shul for shabbos services.

For Kabbolas Shabbos, the Rebbe’s Diamond Daveners davened along with members of the Chabad of Redondo Beach community, they made an immediate impression with their great behavior and their unwavering Chayus. The children also got a feel of what it means to see a Chabad House in action as they saw the wide array of people that come to the Chabad House and the programs that cater for the needs of their Neshomas and some nourishment for the body too.

Seudas Shabbos was a lebedige and heartwarming experience as the talmidim sat and sang in unison and heard some divrei torah. The main dvar Torah was delivered by the president of Kol Yakov Yehudah, Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel Levi Cohen.

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Following Chassidus on Shabbos morning and of course some mezonos, the mispallelim joined the large crowd that came to daven at Chabad of Redondo Beach. The mispallelim showed what it means to be a diamond davener of the Rebbe, as they participated eagerly in every aspect of the davening with kavod and chayus. The mispallelim and the community were addressed by the head of Chabad of Redondo, Rabbi Yossy Mintz, followed by the founder and director of the Rebbe’s dimond daveners– Rabbi Mendel Duchman.

Seudas Shabbbos was along with the kiddush of Chabad of Redondo and many community members sat and swayed and smiled as the sweet sounds of niggunim and songs filled the Chabad of Redondo kiddush room. A true Kiddush Lubavitch. The mispallelim were also treated to an inspiring mammer baal peh from Rabbi Mintz and an empowering story from shliach RabbiLevi Diskin, who just recently joined the family of Shluchim in Redondo Beach.

The Mispallelim went for a farbrengen/shalash seudos to the house of Rabbi Mintz and were treated to some great stories about shlichus in particular and the life of a chossid in general.

Motzei Shabbos came and was a time to taste from the delights of Redondo Beach’s very own kosher eatery, Chayo’s. The Chayobrothers pulled out all the stops for the Rebbe’s Diamond Daveners, serving them delicious pizza and fries. (Thank you for opening especially for us!)

A big thank you to Rabbi Mintz, Rabbi Lisbon and the other shluchim of Redondo Beach who opened their Chabad House up to the mispallelim of Kol Yakov Yehuda and gave of their time and effort.

Boy’s Shabbatone Pictures:
Girl’s Shabbaton Report: By – Gnesha Schapiro and Devorah Stark  7th grade – Bais Rebbe of los Angeles


The Rebbe’s Diamond daveners girls Shabbaton? Well I have no words but….AWESOME. From the start of getting into the vans until the end with eating at Nagila Pizza, the entire Shabbaton was filled with fun, inspiring farbrengens, lessons and stories. The whole atmosphere felt like it was filled with holiness. I mean the car ride there was shorter than I expected with an added bonus of a game. Everyone in the car played it and we found SO many yellow cars J! Now don’t get me started on the Chabad House. The place was beautiful and it was so kind of them to let us in with open arms. A big thank you to Rabbi and Mrs. Zushe Cunin and Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Baitleman for the over-whelming Hachnosas Orchim you showed us! After we came to Pacific Palisades, we went on a hike and at the top of the mountain we davened Mincha. I cannot describe the feeling – the air outside fresh and clean and inside everyone davening together!!

Now getting ready was kinda hectic but it all worked out in the end! After we all helped prepare for Shabbos, set the table and bentch licht, we sat in a circle for a workshop learning all about the power of my neshama – and how lighting Shabbos candles each week remind us of it! Then we sang Kabalas Shabbos all together. Next was the meal – which was GREAT! For me, it was one of the highlight of my weekend – everyone was mixed together with so much energy, girls sharing Divrei Torah, just sitting together and singing songs and zemiros made me feel very connected to the Rebbe!

On ??? morning we had breakfast and delicious cake made my our amazing counselors Chaya Lerner, Rivka Sandberg, and Leiba Glabman!! Thank you so much for your help! (And a special thank you to Rochel and Chana Cunin for your much-needed assistance!) Cocoa club was a series of activities/workshops which brought out the power of tefillah…..leading us straight to davening! We joined the community shul and really made a Kiddush Lubavitch. “They are davening with such Derech Eretz,” says Rabbi Zushe Cunin in his Shabbos speech. “We are so impressed how young girls could stay so focused and well behaved!”  Even though we weren’t in the KYY building, we still behaved like the Rebbe’s Diamond Daveners. Shabbos lunch we shared with the community – it was so nice to hear the people from the community speak and share with us. Even some KYY girls spoke!

After the meal we learned a sicha connecting to Matan Torah…shalosh seudos followed with a presentation of 3 incredible skits!! Singing seder niggunim was very uplifting. Toward the end of Shabbos we all burst out in niggunim, dancing and jumping and demanding Moshiach!

Well when ??? was over we played a series of “team work” games and a super fun game of CAPTURE THE GLOW STICK!   Then  we watched a Rebbe video and had a BONFIRE!!!! There we roasted marshmallows while singing by the blazing COLORFUL flames. The bonfire ended with the announcement of the winner of the Chof Beis Shvat raffle, the end of a 7 week program where we earned boarding passes through davening, being on time and participating in Shul event. The winner? DRUMROLL…..ROCHEL WOLOWIK! Then we all went back to LA to Nigila Pizza!!! well that about sums up our amazing Shabbaton, which was so amazing due to the efforts of our great counselors and Madricha Srula Chaiton (and JJ and Mordechai) Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!

Girl’s Shabbatone Pictures:



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