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Coldest Storm In Several Years Headed To Los Angeles

Coldest Storm In Several Years Headed To Los Angeles
A cold storm washing over Southern California will bring snow levels low as temperatures drop below freezing. (Shutterstock)

National Weather Service officials said this storm will bring a combo of cold temperatures and gusty winds that haven’t been seen in years.

LOS ANGELES, CA — Los Angeles authorities cautioned residents ahead of what could possibly be the coldest storm to hit the area in several years, the National Weather Service said.

A flurry of warnings were issued for Los Angeles County in anticipation of the storm beginning Tuesday night through to Saturday afternoon including winter storm, high winds and dangerous surf warnings.

“The coldest storm of the season, and possibly of the last several years is expected to impact southwest #CAwx Wed-Fri or Sat with showers across coasts and valleys with mainly snow across the mountains and deserts,” NWS said on Twitter.

Officials cautioned against driving, saying travel will be difficult and winds could cause severe damage to trees and other objects.

“Travel should be avoided,” said Kristen Stewart with NWS LA. “Even going up to the resorts like Big Bear could be potentially dangerous.”

Mountains in the county can expect up to five inches of snowfall with areas at higher elevations expected to see multiple feet of snow. This storm system will bring snow down to lower elevations than normal, impacting areas about 1,500 feet and above Stewart said.

Rain is also forecasted to hit Los Angeles for several days starting Wednesday and ending Sunday. Los Angeles County residents can expect up to four inches of rain to hit the area through Saturday, Stewart said.

Coastal areas can expect waves to reach up to 14 feet tall according to NWS officials.

“There is going to be a lot of significant impacts so stay aware and cautious,” Stewart said. “There is pretty much a bunch of everything going on all at once.”



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