Concerned Israeli Dad Brings Us At-Home Check-Up Devices To Replace Tedious Doctor Trips


Concerned Israeli Dad Brings Us At-Home Check-Up Devices To Replace Tedious Doctor Trips

By Karinne Strikowski, No Camels February 21, 2018

Dedi Gilad was a young father of two dealing with fevers, fussy eaters and his daughter’s chronic ear infections when he did what few exhausted parents of young children do – he launched a startup.

Tytocare is a telehealth company bringing medical exams to the comfort of our homes. And like all good ideas, it was born out of necessity. Gilad was spending hours day and night at the emergency room with his daughter, getting exposed to germs in hospital waiting areas and losing countless hours of sleep, only to receive the same diagnosis every time.

There had to be a better way, he thought.

Together with Ofer Tzadik, a friend with decades of experience in the fields of healthcare IT, semiconductors and communications, the two founded Tytocare in 2012 to better connect people with healthcare professionals through remote examinations for quicker diagnoses. Gilad tells NoCamels that the name comes from a type of owl known for its smarts, sharp hearing, and excellent vision – characteristics that he says guide the company.

The TytoHome device. Courtesy

The TytoHome device. Courtesy

Today, TytoCare has three FDA-compliant devices: the TytoHome, a personal, portable device with a stethoscope that can examine the ears, throat, heart, lung, abdomen, and skin, and measure heart rate and temperature; the TytoPro for clinicians which comes with a no-touch infrared basal thermometer, digital stethoscope, digital otoscope and tongue depressor adaptors, as well as a platform that records the data for specialist consultation; and the TytoClinic, similar to the TytoPro but with more features and an iPad stand, meant for remote use like in schools, nursing and home care facilities, clinics, work sites, urgent care and EMTs.


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