Dan Isaac and Binyomin Rubenstein – Ba Mashiach

Duo Dan Isaac and Binyomin Rubenstein sing an acoustic, upbeat "Ba Mashiach," while walking the streets of Jerusalem's buzzing neighborhoods, as we yearn for the Redemption.

Dan Isaac and Binyomin Rubenstein have been making music together since 2010. Their new and inspiring Jewish music project comes from an array of nigunim (songs) written by Binyomin and developed, recorded and produced by the duo in Israel.

Isaac and Rubenstein create acoustic, live, real, and beautiful music with memorable melodies and rich harmonies that will touch the soul. Their unique blend of sound is an expression of their passion for music and d’vekut to Hashem.

Ba Mashiach – ?? ????

In a land that only a century ago was barren and desolate, the sound of cranes and tractors now hum the tune of redemption, a sound that will continue to intensify into the eventual shofar blasts harkening the final remanence of holy jews to come home and rebuild their ancient homeland.

Yet, perched on the ruins of a day gone by, destruction still looms both in our hearts and in our land.

Our culture and language are miraculously still vibrant after nearly 2000 years of exile. We are living a prophecy in our times, as we walk the streets of a rebuilt Jerusalem and buzzing neighbourhoods filled with families, young and old, who have returned from the four corners of the world.

Awaken from your slumber Oh Israel, the final days of your arduous journey have arrived and the sweet smell of redemption lingers in the air. For today you live the tomorrow of your dreams.

Source: Collive

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