Dangerous ‘Candies’ Floating Around Jewish Neighborhoods and Homes


Two families in the Flatbush area narrowly avoided tragedy this past shabbos when their children ate what appeared to be innocent candies that were in fact marijuana edibles.

The children, seeing the “candies” lying around and believing them to be shabbos party, ingested them. According to estimates, the children ingested four times the amount that is safe – for an adult. The results were terrifying.

The children who ate the “candies” wound up in the emergency room, with some of them unresponsive for hours. Even now, despite having regained consciousness and being discharged from the hospital, some of the children are still not fully back to themselves.

This story can truly happen to anyone. These candies are legal and easily accessible. If you or anyone you know is in possession of such “candies,” be sure to carefully mark them and keep them far away from children.

Not doing so could have tragic consequences.

Source: The Yeshiva World


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