Danon Congratulates Craft after Senate Approves Her Nomination as US Envoy to UN

Photo by Esty Dziubov/TPS on 1 August, 2019

By Aryeh Savir/TPS • 1 August, 2019

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Danny Danon congratulated Kelly Craft and wished her good luck after the US Senate approved her nomination as the US ambassador to the UN.

“Congratulations to Ambassador Kelly Craft on her confirmation to represent the United States at the UN. I look forward to welcoming her to Turtle Bay, and continuing to build upon the great achievements of the United States and Israel,” Danon stated on Wednesday. “We will continue to lead our countries to great heights in the diplomatic arena.”

Craft is replacing Nikki Haley, a staunch supporter of Israel at the UN who left her post and the end of last year.

Speaking at her confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in June, Craft stated that “there will be no stronger ally than Kelly Craft for Israel on behalf of the United States.”

She further noted that “without US leadership, our partners and allies would be vulnerable to bad actors at the UN. This is particularly true in the case of Israel, which is the subject of unrelenting bias and hostility in UN venues.”

The US “will never accept such bias. And if confirmed, I commit to seizing every opportunity to shine a light on this conduct, call it what it is and demand that these outrageous practices finally come to an end,” she pledged.

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