Deri Is Not Granting Additional Time To Pass Municipal Budgets


July 15, 2019 12:30 pm

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri has decided not to grant additional extensions to local municipalities and/or cities that to date, have failed to pass a municipal budget. As a result, the ministry will summon the leaders of those councils for a hearing to determine if they will be permitted to continue in their position. In cases in which they are removed, the ministry will appoint a committee to assume the leadership role of those areas. This includes Rahat, Yarcha, Tiveria, and Ossifeyeh.

The locals were given and extension, but those without a budget as of July 14, 2019, the areas listed above, will now be subject to the direction of the Interior Ministry.

Deri explained the ministry did all it can, even providing them with a two-week extension, but now it is time for the ministry to decide what steps will be taken to ensure the proper running of the areas involved since they have had since October 2018 to pass a budget and they have failed to do so.

In Tiveria, five meetings were held in the hope of passing the budget, albeit, without success as the religious and chareidi opposition parties voted against it.

The Yarcha Council met four times, Ossifeyeh five times, and Rahat seven times, but they too failed to pass a budget.

Deputy Minister Yaakov Litzman responded, “The city of Tiveria is a national warning sign. Take note other mayors as well and party leaders. Anyone who lists a hand against Shabbos Kodesh, against Yiddishkeit and tradition, will eventually fail”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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