Dog Unit locates terror decoy after 4km pursuit in rough terrain

IDU exerciseIsrael Dog Unit Spokesman
By: Mordechai Sones, 18/02/19 16:08


Israel Dog Unit (IDU) tracking dog “Sneakers” Sunday night broke yet another record in an exercise to track-down Arab infiltrators near Bat Ayin.

IDU Gush Etzion-Efrat branch Commander Micha Katz made history when he located infiltrator decoys after a 4-kilometer pursuit through rough forest terrain near Bat Ayin and Gvaaot. The exercise simulated hostile infiltration into a Jewish farm and the chase following the getaway through hills and valleys, over boulders and through difficult forest terrain in the freezing Judean night.

The infiltrators thought they were in the clear after walking for close to two hours as they approached their destination several hundred yards away from an Arab village. Little did they know that Micha and Sneakers were hot on their trail.

The unprecedented exercise came one night after Arabs caused extensive damage vandalizing and destroying Jewish vineyards and cherry trees not far from there, belonging to Kibbutz Kfar Etzyon.

This latest reported incident of agricultural warfare joins others that have caused millions in dollars of losses to Israeli farmers throughout Israel in recent months.

The rise in agri-terror has prompted local Jewish farmers to initiate first response squads comprised of young Jewish shepherds and farmers who have had their livelihoods and years of hard labor decimated and destroyed by Arab terrorists and thieves. Noam Eitan, an experienced tracking expert with dozens of years of military experience serving as an officer in one of Israel’s elite units has dedicated his life to training young Jewish farmers and shepherds in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and elsewhere to protect their ranches and effectively pursue those who seek to infiltrate or to rob flocks, equipment, and produce.

In recent weeks Noam forged a strategic alliance with the IDU to incorporate tracking dogs into his teams. Last night Noam was impressed by the speed and ability displayed by Micha Katz and his tracking dog that effectively hunted him down so far away from their getaway point and so soon after. Noam hopes to continue working closely with the IDU who have offered to supply dogs and training as well as their own volunteers, available to help prevent Arab terror and infiltration into Jewish farms.



Source: Arutz Sheva



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