Dozens Of Arabs Attack Jews With Iron Bars And Knives In Akko


A year after Operation Guardian of the Walls, when Arab-Israelis in mixed Israeli cities engaged in unprecedented rioting and violence against Jews, dozens of Arabs attacked two Jewish brothers in the Old City of Akko on Wednesday night.

The Arabs attacked the Jews, 19 and 21, with iron bars, knives, and sticks.

The Jews, who suffered stab wounds and head injuries, received emergency medical aid at the scene and were evacuated to the Galil Medical Center in Nahariya.

The police later arrested two of the Arabs involved in the incident.

A preliminary investigation of the incident revealed that the Arabs had taunted the Jews and after an angry verbal exchange, the Arabs attacked them with extreme violence.

An Akko resident described the incident on social media, writing: “Lynch!! Lynch!! Lynch!! About 30 Arabs with iron bars and knives attacked my brothers with blows and stabs. They’re still in the emergency room undergoing tests? And why? Because they are Jews who went fishing at the port. Where is all the spirit of ‘coexistence’ in this city? Now they’ll say it was only a handful of youths. ”

“Begin to understand where we live, with whom we’re working and living, and with whom we’re sitting to eat. It’s simply a disgrace to this State and city!

Source: (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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