Dozens of Israelis trapped in India after fierce storms

Partially submerged road in India (archive)

Dozens of Israelis trapped in India after fierce storms

Israelis await rescue by helicopter after floods, landslides trap them in and around Manali, India.


Dozens of Israeli tourists have been stranded in Manali in northern India after a storm caused massive flooding and landslides.

The Israelis have reported power outages, communication problems and particularly cold weather.

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Two Israelis, aged 28, were evacuated Wednesday by a civilian helicopter with the help of their insurance company after suffering from altitude sickness.

In addition, several Israelis were stuck at a roadside inn along with another 30 jeeps that had to stop until the storm died down. At the moment there is no communication with the Israelis but a civilian helicopter is on scheduled to rescue them.

In the Sisi area, nine Israeli travelers are waiting for military jeeps that are supposed to arrive from Manali and rescue them, because the roads in the area are not suitable for regular vehicles.

There are about 20 Israelis in Kaza, but since the basic living conditions there are relatively good, they were asked to wait until the main roads are cleaned and opened in the next two days. If necessary, their rescue will also be carried out with helicopter assistance.

The Foreign Ministry stated that at this point there is one detached connection in the North India region.


Source: Israel National News


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