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Dr. Mindy Boxer – Benefits of Adding Acupuncture to Your Wellness Routine

Dr. Mindy Boxer – Benefits of Adding Acupuncture to Your Wellness Routine

This is the time of year when many are looking to start (or restart) their wellness routines. Self-care days may have fallen by the wayside and now is the time to get back on track. As you examine your health goals and wellness priorities this year, have you considered adding Acupuncture to your wellness routine? If not, here’s why you should and some things to consider to set yourself up for success.

Acupuncture provides numerous health benefits from a holistic approach to wellness. It’s a non-pharmacological approach to health and wellness and addresses a variety of health concerns you might be struggling with. 

Health Benefits

One of the most well-known benefits of regular Acupuncture treatments is its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. By stimulating specific points on the body, Acupuncture can help to reduce headaches, back pain, and arthritis. Acupuncture helps address inflammation by helping the body release more cortisol and stimulating the vagus nerve, activating the body’s natural defense against inflammation.

Acupuncture improves digestive issues like heartburn, lactose intolerance, and irritable bowel syndrome. Even the World Health Organization acknowledges Acupuncture’s role in effectively treating digestive imbalances.

Acupuncture is a great option to help improve the quality of your sleep. As mentioned above, acupuncture is great at treating chronic pain and inflammation which might be one cause of poor sleep. Most sleep remedies treat the symptoms associated with lack of sleep, but acupuncture looks at the core issues to regulate your body’s energy and restore your sleep cycle by reducing stress and inducing a feeling of calm and balance of the mind and body.

Acupuncture also improves the body’s immune system by manipulating energy flow and eliminating any blockages, thus restoring the body’s natural harmony. When meridians or channels are impaired or blocked, you can be much more vulnerable to illness.

Things to Consider

While incorporating Acupuncture into your wellness routine has amazing benefits, there are a few things to consider as you plan. Depending on your health goals, acupuncture can require a time commitment as sessions can be 30 to 60 minutes and could be more than once a week so keep that in mind. Also, acupuncture may not be covered by your insurance company, although more and more companies are starting to cover it …….. please feel free to check with me about this.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

There are a few key things you can do to successfully integrate Acupuncture into your wellness routine. One idea is to create a schedule to plan your regular acupuncture sessions. Consistency is key when it comes to integrating acupuncture. Work with me to plan a schedule that helps you achieve your wellness goals.

Acupuncture can be extremely effective when combined with other wellness practices like meditation, yoga, and a healthy diet. Don’t be afraid to explore different approaches to see what works best for you. Another key is to keep our lines of communication open.  . It’s not only a good idea to discuss your goals, but also communicate any changes you notice as you incorporate Acupuncture into your routine. This will help me  make more personalized adjustments as needed.

With open communication, intentional planning, and consistency, acupuncture can become a valuable addition to your wellness routine, helping you achieve balance in your overall health.

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Dr. Mindy Boxer is a holistic practitioner who has grown into her specialties in an organic way. Understanding a range of disciplines allows her to integrate the wisdom of Ancient healing in combination with the most recent innovations in Scientific research. This dynamic blend has enabled Dr. Boxer to help patients in the prevention and treatment of disease for over 25 years.
At age 15, Dr. Boxer began her lifelong practice of Yoga & Meditation, read many Nutrition books, began Juicing her Vegetables, and explored and all Raw Diet.  Recognizing the importance of Nutrition in overall health, she earned her Ph.D. in 1986 in Nutrition and Human Behavior, providing her with a solid foundation to counsel and educate patients on how to attain health and vitality.
Her informative Lectures and appetizing Cooking Classes were the perfect forum to educate the community about the effects of food on Mood and Behavior, as well as in innovative ways to balance Body Chemistry in order to achieve overall well being.
Sensing a need to expand her training and understanding of the human body as a whole system, Dr. Boxer continued her studies in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine,  and in 1993 earned a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is licensed by the Medical Board of the State of California in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and is also licensed by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.
These diverse disciplines give Dr. Boxer a unique view of the human body and how to keep it functioning in an optimal manner. Her practice of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Functional Nutrition have a profound effect on Hormonal balance, Rejuvenation, and Immune system enhancement.

Dr. Boxer has a particularly keen understanding of Women’s Health issues including Gynecological irregularity, PMS, Fertility, IUI & UVF support, Healthy Pregnancy & Delivery, and Menopausal issues. Her interest in the human body as a dynamic system has given her the understanding to deal with such problems as improper Digestion and elimination, Cancer Support, Allergies, back pain, tight neck and shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, respiratory distress, chronic fatigue, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
She has also studied the art and science of Homeopathy, earning her Diplomate in Homeopathy from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in 1995. This allows her to treat the whole person — physically, mentally, emotionally.


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