Egypt says it destroyed more than 3,000 Gaza tunnels

AN IDF SOLDIER stands next to an entrance to a cross-border attack tunnel dug from Gaza to Israel, near Kissufim last year. (photo credit: JACK GUEZ)

Some of the destroyed tunnels were three kilometers long and 30 meters deep.

By KHALED ABU TOAMEH   MAY 4, 2020 16:14

Egypt has destroyed more than 3,000 tunnels along its border with the Gaza Strip in the past five years, Egyptian Army spokesperson Tamer al-Refai has revealed.In an interview with the private Egyptian news channel Extra News on Sunday night, Refai said: “In 2015, the [Egyptian] government took a decision to establish a buffer zone along the border [with the Gaza Strip]. These tunnels were used to threaten Egypt’s national security, including the infiltration of terrorists, smuggling of weapons, ammunition, goods, narcotic drugs and vehicles. We established the buffer zone in stages because residents had to be relocated. They have received compensation.”Read More Related Articles

The Egyptian military spokesperson said that some of the destroyed tunnels were three kilometers long and 30 meters deep.Refai said that the Egyptian security forces were continuing their “heroic actions to defeat terrorists” in the Sinai Peninsula. He said that 126 terrorists were killed during the recent military operation there.During the operation, Egyptian security forces seized different types of weapons and explosive belts, he added. “We destroyed 630 explosive devices,” he disclosed.Refai said that the Egyptian Air Force targeted and destroyed 228 hideouts and shelters used by terrorists.

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In addition, 116 four-wheel drive vehicles were destroyed and 266 suspects were arrested.“The [Egyptian] armed forces are working round the clock to combat terrorism and secure our borders,” Al-Refai emphasized. “We have scored many achievements on the ground, including the destruction of the terror infrastructure.”

The announcement concerning the demolition of the tunnels along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt came shortly after the Egyptians announced that 15 officers and soldiers were killed or injured during anti-terrorist operations in Sinai.

Source: Jerusalem Post


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