Eiden Project Purchases Property to House Future Community Center


On December 23rd, the “Eiden Project” and the Chabad of Sola community  closed on a 20,500 square foot lot for 4.5 million dollars.  The property is slated to house a brand new community mikvah, a Jewish Montessori school, their future shul, and community center.

The “Eiden Project” – so called because it is extending the Jewish neighborhood of Pico/Robertson eastward and opening up new opportunities for affordable housing for local families – needed to raise $750,000 to close on this sought after property.  The due date for closing escrow was December 19th and the board had no firm idea of where the funds would come from.

“We started this campaign two years ago and managed to get tremendous support and help from our members and extended supporters but had a very difficult time finding a property that was big enough and within our means” said Rabbi Avraham Zajac (pronounced zy-intz). “This young community, affectionately known as “Sola” (short for South La Cienega), has a unique tour de force, which has been a tremendous source of blessings at each step of the way,” commented member, Jonathan Abesera.  “Our members shoulder the burden together with a tremendous optimism and zeal inspired by our Rabbi and Rebbitzen, Rabbi Avraham and Stery Zajac.  It’s hard not to get involved and failure is just never an option” said Abesera.  There were several amazing contributors that stepped up to help close the transaction including, a low cost secured loan, last minute donations, and a large interest-free loan from a private individual for the shortfall. “We could never have done this without their help and support and are eternally grateful for their help,” said Rabbi Zajac.

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There has not been a community mikvah built in the Pico Robertson area in over 38 years. The “Eiden Project” hopes to create the “spa like” experience for hundreds of women in Los Angeles that has become popular in communities around the world.  This will enable many women to use the mikvah on Friday nights and holidays which is currently nearly impossible for many women in the area.

Zajac started Chabad of Sola with his wife and five children nearly seven years ago and it is the fastest growing Jewish community and neighborhood in Los Angeles. With members from all walks of life, levels of observance and backgrounds, it offers a unique environment of warmth, where everyone can find a place and feel comfortable.  “We are a young community, but we are full of passion and really want to help everyone. The biggest impact we can have is to broaden the neighborhood eastward, where there are more affordable areas to live. This requires access to Jewish resources like a mikvah and community center,” said Zajac.

Following up on the monumental closing, Eiden launched an immediate campaign to raise 100 units of $3,600, totaling $360,000 by January 11th, 2015.

Following up on the monumental closing, Eiden launched an immediate campaign to raise 100 units of $3,600, totaling $360,000 by January 11th, 2015.  “We need these funds to relieve some of our short term debt and protect our financial position moving forward,” said board member Josh Moorvitch, whose firm JDM Funding Corporation was instrumental in structuring the purchase deal and its financing.  Since the closing, there have been many individuals who have already committed to donating or raising a few “units” of this $360,000 campaign.

In the spirit of Chanukah, the Sola community hopes to succeed in spreading more light to the Los Angeles Jewish Community with this next milestone step for the “Eiden Project.”

To participate in the “Eiden Project” and further the growth of the Los Angeles Jewish neighborhood with access to a beautiful new mikvah and community center please contribute here:




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