Emek’s Learning League completes 9th Season


Emek’s motzei Shabbos, father/son Learning League’s 9th season came to a close this past Sunday. This season was very successful with 120 boys and their fathers attending each week. The program combines serious Torah learning with an organized sports league. Each boy enrolled is placed on a basketball team and after attending learning, participates in weekly games against other age level teams. Fathers can learn individually with their son, or choose to attend a father/son class led by an Emek Rebbe. Each class also includes some one on one preparation enhancing the father/son experience. Each evening ends with pizza and raffles. Congratulations to this year’s championship teams: The Bears, P.B. Realty Lightning, and Dr. Roger Lim Tigers. This program is open to the entire Los Angeles community.

For more information, contact Rabbi Tropper, mtropper@emek.org

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