EXPLOSIVE GROWTH! Census Data Shows Massive Population Increase In Frum Communities: Lakewood, Monsey, Kiryas Joel

Frum Crowd (Illustrative). File.

Newly released data by the Census Bureau showed a massive jump in frum communities in the Northeastern United States. The data released Thursday is the twenty-fourth decennial conducted by the Bureau.

The data showed a residential increase of 45% in Lakewood, 20.7% in the Monsey-Spring Valley area, and a 31.7% in Kiryas Yoel. Toms River and Jackson both saw an increase of about 4,000 residents since the 2010 census.

Lakewood, which according to the 2010 census had 92,843 residences, ballooned to 135,158 people who now call the Township their home. The numbers put Lakewood as the fastest-growing municipality in New Jersey in the past decade, and has now become the state’s fifth-largest city.

According to the 2010 census data, Monsey and Spring Valley had 49,710 combined residents. They now both hold a combined 60,020 residents, according to census data. Rockland County increased to more than 338,300 residents from about 311,700 in 2010.

The census helps our communities determine where to build everything from schools to supermarkets, and from homes to hospitals. It helps the government decide how to distribute funds and assistance to states and localities.


(Yeshiva World News).


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