Former FBI Agent Says 9-11 Hijackers Had US-Based Support


Former FBI Agent Says 9-11 Hijackers Had US-Based Support

At least two of the 9-11 hijackers probably had a U.S.-based support network, according to a former FBI agent.

Danny Gonzalez worked on “Operation Encore,” the still-secret investigation into the two Saudi hijackers who were based in San Diego. Gonzalez told CBS News he’s confident the records of that operation will show the hijackers had help.

“19 hijackers cannot commit 3,000 mass murders by themselves,” Gonzalez told the network.

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President Biden signed an executive order Friday directing the Department of Justice to oversee a declassification review of some documents related to the 9/11 attacks, after pressure from families of victims who are demanding to know if Saudi Arabia helped the hijackers. The DOJ must release any declassified documents in the next six months.

Some records pertain to “Operation Encore,” which began two years after the commission’s report.

Gonzalez said the public would learn “a lot” if records from Operation Encore were released, and that it would change the public’s understanding of 9/11.

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