Friendship Circle Breaks Ground on a Playground for Children of all Abilities!


To celebrate the building of a new state-of the-art inclusive playground for the greater Los Angeles community, Friendship Circle of Los Angeles is hosting a groundbreaking ceremony at 11:00 am, Sunday July 21, at 1952 S. Robertson Boulevard.

The event will mark the beginning of construction for “My Backyard”, a playground designed specifically for children who have physical disabilities and other special needs.   Among the new features, the playground will have California’s first integration carousel – a carousel designed specifically to allow wheelchair-bound children to roll right on!  Long term plans include curriculum to utilize each component of the yard to its full potential.  Jewish values, rituals and lifestyles will play a part in the plans to make the yard interactive and a place for physical, spiritual and communal growth. For example, the children will learn about the Jewish harvest holidays and then go outside and work in the Friendship Garden.  These plans include opening up the yard to local schools and youth groups where they can be a part of this place of inclusion and life-long learning.

The Friendship Circle of Los Angeles was created by Rabbi Michael Rav-Noy and his wife Miriam in 2003 to address the social needs of Jewish children with special challenges. Its mission is to provide these children opportunities to engage with others through social, recreational, and educational experiences.   At the heart of all Friendship Circle programs are teen volunteers from 58 schools around LA that are paired with participating children to provide mentorship and friendship.  It’s a win-win for everyone as the teens give of themselves and children are the recipients of all that love.

If you would like to RSVP for the ceremony, become a volunteer or to register your child for one of Friendship Circle’s programs, please call 310.280.0955 or visit their website at

groundbreaking ceremony

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