On The Front Lines With Kupat Ha’ir

Photo Credit: Kupat Ha'ir

As we approach the holiest days of the year, Kupat Ha’ir is on the front lines as they have been for many years. Ten years, month after month during which millions of shekels keep flowing to their specified destinations with astonishing precision, thick volumes containing stories of salvation and stacks of sheets filled with data about families in distress receiving assistance to help put them back on their feet. Top-notch attorneys and accountants as well as intensive government-run inspections ensure that every single penny at Kupat Ha’ir is accounted for. The Greatest Rabbis of our generation have all expressed praise for Kupat Ha’ir’s integrity.

At Kupat Ha’ir, every donation doubles itself and its power. Assistance is provided to needy families only after lengthy discussions in which every detail of their life story is analyzed. Kupat Ha’ir runs a special program devoted to removing families from the list of recipients. Panels of professionals, each among the best in his field, work together to come up with the best way to extricate families from poverty and help them back on track.

Kupat Ha’ir’s salvation stories have gained a worldwide reputation for one simple reason: you don’t have to believe other people’s stories – everyone can try for himself! People have merited the apartment of their dreams, the perfect job, and the sought-after shidduch.

Kupat Ha’ir enjoys the best backing in the world: the Greatest Rabbis of our Generation all back Kupat Ha’ir. They serve as official members of the organization and are signatories on their checks. Everything at Kupat Ha’ir depends on their say.

Kupat Ha’ir is approved under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance. This means that contributors to Kupat Ha’ir are entitled to a 35% tax credit. This is a classic example of enjoying the fruits of a mitzvah in this world while the principle remains for the World to Come.

Lets face it, at some point, we or a loved one or friend could all use some help. It can be anything from a better Job, finding that soul mate for you, or a loved one, G-d Forbid Health Issues…

At Kupat Ha’ir, We have a very special and unique Pray For YOU program.

As Jewish people we understand that we can pray for ourselves and we can pray to Hashem to help others we care about as well and that other people can pray on our behalf.

Kupat Ha’ir: for all the reasons in the world.



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