Front Page of British Newspaper to Display Pictures of 32 Child Hostages


ENGLAND (VINnews) — The front page of the British Sun newspaper will display the faces of 32 Israeli children who were kidnapped and are likely being held hostage by Hamas.

Thursday’s edition of the newspaper will feature the headline: “32 innocent children snatched by terrorists. This is why Israel must fight evil of Hamas. Bring them home.”

The article publishes the names and photos of all 32 children.

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The story goes into detail about one mother whose two daughters were horrifically captured by Hamas terrorists, who asked: “Who kidnaps children?”

Dafna Eyakim, 15, and Ella, eight, were among 32 children — one just nine months old — kidnapped by the monster terrorists.

The article says: “Their mother Mayaan, 50, laid bare her desperation as a photo emerged of her tearful girls on mattresses in a tunnel under Gaza.

“It was published on social media channel Telegram by Hamas with the Arabic message: “Dress them in prayer clothes” — a taunt as they are in pajamas.

“It is a horrific image for any parent, but Mayaan was desperate for The Sun to publish it to highlight the hostages’ ordeal…”

“Airport worker Mayaan asked: “Who kidnaps children? Where in the world is that the right thing to do?

“Hamas should have released them all on day one. The kids have not done anything to anyone.

“They are not soldiers, they are not related to any conflict.

“You do not abduct babies and children. My two are wonderful, sweet girls who love TikTok and Snapchat and I want them home.

“The terrified youngsters are in a 311-mile network of tunnels…”

The article goes on to describe other tormenting stories of children who were kidnapped and are likely being held captive.


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