Frum Woman WEARING MASK Thrown Off Delta Flight For “Davening” In Her Seat




A Frum woman was thrown off a Delta flight on Wednesday for not being compliant with mask-wearing. But the passenger tells YWN that she was 100% compliant, and thinks she was the victim of blatant anti-Semitism.

The woman – who wishes to remain anonymous at this point – tells YWN her experience as follows:

“I was on Delta Flight 5610 from Chicago O’Hare to JFK Airport on Wednesday. I had my siddur open and was praying. The flight attendant, Erica Green, angrily pushed my siddur down and told me to pull up my mask to comply with guidelines. My mask was up but she walked away without allowing me to show her. I brushed it off assuming she didn’t see me correctly.

She came back with another flight attendant and they both got extremely angry at me. I was scared because I was doing nothing wrong. They knocked my siddur and told me I wasn’t being compliant, even though the other passengers could see I was fully compliant, and just praying. They said if I wasn’t going to be compliant, to tell them now. Some Frum men tried to help but the flight attendant did not allow them to speak.

When she finally stopped yelling at me I said “thank you for telling me, what’s your name?”

She swung around and a minute later the pilot announced we were turning the plane around to drop off a passenger who was non compliant. A woman named Kim Ford came on to the plane and told me that I was being non compliant and that if I did not get off the plane and continued speaking I would have a lifetime ban from flying Delta and security would drag take me off the plane. She said other passengers do not feel safe and the pilot did not feel comfortable having me on board. I was calm but scared, so I asked to speak with the pilot. She said I can speak with them when I get off the plane. Two pilots met me and I tried to explain that I was fully compliant and have witnesses. The flight attendant Erica Green cut me off and did not allow me to speak. I was crying and upset and the pilots seemed confused. Kim Ford said that if I calm down and don’t speak she would rebook me to NY on a different flight, but if I “keep this up” I would have a lifetime ban from Delta and be escorted out of the terminal.

I was holding my siddur the entire time.

As Kim took me back up the plane ramp the flight attendant Erica Green said “you and prayer book can get off”.

YWN has reached out to Delta for a response to the allegations, and received no response when publishing this article.

Source: Yeshiva World News

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