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Gad Elbaz – Esh Shel Mashiach Music Video

Gad Elbaz – Esh Shel Mashiach Music Video

Israeli religious pop-star Gad Elbaz has released a music video filmed in New York for his upbeat new single, entitled “Esh Shel Mashiah” (“The Fire of the Messiah”). The song features a duet with his father, the popular singer Benny Elbaz.

The video includes a line from the Blessing After Meals: “the Merciful One, He will revive us, give us merit and bring us close to the days of the Messiah, the building of the Holy Temple and the life of the World to Come.” The catchy chorus contains the fervent words: “I have the fire of the Messiah, the fire of the Messiah in my heart.”

The music video shows Elbaz at various famous sites in New York, including 770, Central Park, the subway and Times Square, ahead of his performance at Brooklyn’s Millenium Theater as part of his latest world tour.

Directed by Danny Finkelman and produced by Shlomi Cohen, the song is a festive and joyful expression of the concept of tikkun olam, the Jewish desire for the final redemption and the perfection of the world.

While in New York, Elbaz recently performed at the Israel Day Concert, which he told Arutz Sheva was “an exceptional experience, so many Jews in one place.”



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