Gaza March: 20,000 Massed on Border With Israel; Several Killed in Clashes With IDF


Gaza March: 20,000 Massed on Border With Israel; Several Killed in Clashes With IDF

Written by TPS on March 30, 2018


17:21 The number of Palestinian dead has risen to eight, according to Palestinian sources.

15:59 – More than 20,000 Palestinians are concentrated in six locations along the Gaza-Israel border and rioting, the IDF said. The Palestinians are burning tires, throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the border fence and at IDF forces.

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Troops are responding using riot dispersal methods as well as gunfire to prevent attempts to damage Israel’ security infrastructure and IDF troops. “The IDF prepared ahead of time with a large, well-trained contingent of troops with the ability to respond to a variety of eventualities in several locales. We will not allow any violation of Israeli sovereignty or of defensive infrastructure along the border. The Hamas terror organization is endangering the residents of the Strip and and using them as protective cover for terror activity. The Hamas terror organization bears full responsibility for all these events and their consequences,” the army said.

15:09 OC Southern Command, Maj.-Gen. Eyal Zamir said the IDF has identified “attempts to carry out terrorist attacks under cover of the demonstrations.”

15:07 The Palestinian Health Ministry said the number of dead has risen to six with over 500 injured in events so far.

15:00 The IDF said Hamas had sent a seven-year-old girl to march toward the border fence. A spokesman said IDF troops had taken in the girl and then made sure she returned to her parents safely. “The terrorist organization Hamas is cynically using women and children by sending them toward the fence and endangering their lives.

14:35 Palestinian sources reported a fifth fatality today in clashes with IDF forces along the Gaza border. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent some 365 Palestinians have been injured.

14:17 A Palestinian managed to breach the Gaza border fence, but was apprehended by security forces near Kibbutz Be’eri.

14:02 Some 17,000 Palestinians are marching at five points along the Gaza border as of around 1:30 pm Friday, the IDF said. A spokesman said Palestinians were burning tires and throwing firebombs and stones at IDF forces. The spokesman said IDF forces were responding with riot control means and live fire at main instigators. “The Hamas terrorist organization bears full responsibility for the events and their consequences,” the IDF said.

13:30 Palestinian sources report that four people have now been killed in clashes with the IDF along the Gaza border fence.

12:41 The Palestinian Red Crescent reports 52 people injured in clashes with the IDF along the Gaza border

12:37 Palestinian sources report that a Palestinian was shot dead by IDF fire east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

12:36 The IDF has declared the Gaza border area a closed military zone.

12:10 An IDF spokesman said thousands of Palestinians are demonstrating at six points along the border fence. The IDF said Palestinians were burning tires and throwing stones at IDF forces on the other side of the fence. IDF forces are responding with riot control means and live fire toward main instigators, the spokesman said.

11:30 According to Palestinian sources, some 7,000 people have turned out so far for protests along the Gaza border with the demonstrations focused at Khan Younes in the South and the Erez Crossing in the North. The sources report that 11 Palestinians injured and one dead.


10:30 Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman tweeted in Arabic to the residents of Gaza: Hamas leadership is playing with your lives. Anyone who approaches the fence is putting their life in danger. Get on with your lives and do not participate in the provocation.

10:44 Palestinian sources reported that three Palestinians were injured in the northern Gaza Strip. Earlier, Palestinian  sources reported that an man had been killed by tank fire near Khan Younes in the Southern Gaza Strip.  An IDF spokesman said a tank had fired at two suspects as they approached the border fence in the area.


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