Hackers Leak Stolen Data After Los Angeles School District Balks at Ransom


Hackers have published data stolen from the Los Angeles Unified School District after ransom demands were refused. LAUSD Supt. Alberto Carvalho said he wouldn’t negotiate with the cybercriminals, who imposed a Monday deadline for the money to be transferred. The full extent of the hack by an outfit called Vice Society is not yet clear but some of the information released appears to include Social Security numbers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“What I can tell you is that the demand—any demand—would be absurd,” Carvalho told the paper on Friday. “But this level of demand was, quite frankly, insulting. And we’re not about to enter into negotiations with that type of entity.” He later added that paying ransoms “never guarantees the full recovery of data,” and that the school district “believes public dollars are better spent on our students rather than capitulating to a nefarious and illicit crime syndicate.” Read more at the Angeles Times.

Source: Matzav

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