Hamas leader Sinwar: ‘God has decreed that we must attack Tel Aviv’

Yahya Sinwar (R), leader of the Palestinian Hamas movement, is greeted by supporters in Gaza City on May 22, 2021, as he arrives to pay condolences to top Hamas commander Bassem Issa who was killed along others in Israeli airstrikes. (Photo by Hatem RAWAGH / AFP)

Terror chief Sinwar says terrorist group can “destroy Tel Aviv” and that IDF only destroyed “3% of tunnels”.

Yahya Sinwar told a group of academics in Gaza on Saturday that Hamas has the capability to demolish Tel Aviv and that Israel only destroyed 3 percent of Gaza’s terrorist tunnel network in the latest conflict, according to Israel’s Maariv newspaper.

“God has decreed that we must attack Tel Aviv, and there are other capabilities we have not revealed,” the current Palestinian leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip said.

Sinwar said that Hamas and its terrorist partners could “destroy Tel Aviv” by launching 130 missiles per minute and also criticized Arab countries that signed normalization deals with Israel.

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The UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco last year signed the Abraham Accords with the Jewish state. Sinwar claimed that these Arab countries ignored the Palestinians and led to what he described as “Israeli aggression”.

Sinwar went on to say that Hamas used only “50 percent of its power” in the last round of fighting with Israel and that its strategic goal was to “unite the people behind Hamas.”

“Israel has failed to destroy our capabilities to resist it. Their plan to kill ten thousand fighters failed,” he said, adding that “Israel did not destroy more than 3 percent of the tunnels in Gaza. The [Hamas Metro] was not destroyed because we love our land and it loves us back.”

Maariv reports that Sinwar then addressed the countries of the world, calling on them to invest in Gaza and pledging that the funds “won’t be used in a war with Israel”.

(i24 News).


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