Hamas: PA responsible for ‘medical blockade’

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Fatah says that Hamas committed a ‘crime’ against Palestinians by agreeing to the building of a hospital with the consent of the US gov’t.

Dalit Halevi, 30/11/19 23:29

Former Palestinian Authority (PA) “health minister” Jawad al-Tibi blames the PA for the medical blockade on Gaza, which forces Gaza authorities to seek alternatives to a field hospital that is supposed to be set up in the northern Gaza Strip.

In an interview with the Hamas-affiliated al-Risala website, Tibi said that the PA was trying to exert pressure on Hamas by preventing the transfer of medicine and medical equipment, thereby worsening the medical situation in Gaza and the suffering of the patients.

Tibi added that the medical system in Gaza needs supplies of medications and medical equipment as well as a transfer of money to pay doctors’ wages, employ medical staff and repair broken medical devices.

The Fatah movement claimed that Hamas agreed to establish “an American military base in the northern Gaza Strip under the title of a field hospital.” Fatah added that Hamas has committed a “crime” against the Palestinian people by agreeing to the establishment of the hospital with the consent of the US government.

This proves, according to Fatah, the existence of coordination between Hamas and the Israeli government and Hamas’ willingness to do anything to gain Israeli and American recognition.

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