‘HATEFUL OBSESSION’: Last 15 NYT Articles by Eliza Shapiro Were Hit Pieces Against Yeshivas

FILE - A sign for The New York Times hangs above the entrance to its building on May 6, 2021 in New York. The New York Times Co. is buying sports site The Athletic for $550 million, drilling down on subscriptions as the newspaper print ads business fades. The Athletic covers national and local sports — more than 200 teams, according to the Times' press release. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

NEW YORK (Yaakov M / VINnews) — The New York Times is on a jihad against orthodox Jews, and for a change, the community is not rolling over or remaining silent.

Members of the Jewish community have responded to the latest Times’ hit pieces against Chassidic yeshivas. They have blasted the biased reporters, Eliza Shapiro and Brian Rosenthal, on social media, pointing out their obsessive, nonstop distortions about the orthodox Jewish community.

The past fifteen articles written by Eliza Shapiro were all hit pieces targeting the orthodox Jewish community.

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Twitter users have observed that if the Times treated any other minority the way it treats Jews, it would be labeled racist and bigoted. They also point out the danger of the newspaper’s vicious rhetoric, distortions, and lies, increasing antisemitism at a time when it is already surging.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Managing Director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, tweeted: “Don’t miss the fact that the community targeted by @elizashapiro is also targeted by hate crimes more than all other minorities in NY combined. So these lies are not harmless, but bigotry and hate. Shapiro is a bigot, and @nytimes is the sort of outlet that gives hate a platform.”


Another Twitter user with a large following known as “AG” tweeted: “Enough. NYT has had this one reporter (Shapiro) obsessively and weekly targeting the small NY Hasidic community with one hit piece after another. She tries to make every story as an attack on that community. It’s insane the NYT is giving a platform to her hateful obsession.”

He added, “Seriously, imagine how dishonest and hateful you have to be to have Julia Salazar calling you out.”


Joel Petlin, Superintendent of the Kiryas Joel school district, and a vocal defender of the orthodox community, tweeted: “The Hasidic obsession by the @nytimes is not limited to a single reporter. It’s a team mission to attack a group of Orthodox Jews that would never be tolerated by any other minority community.”


There is no indication that the newspaper will let up anytime soon. Unless we unite to boycott the outlet’s advertisers and make it suffer financially, their irrational addiction to targeting Jews only seems to be gaining more steam, which is both disgraceful and frightening.

Source: VosIzNeias


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