Heatwave Scorches Across Israel, Topping 106 Degrees In Negev Desert


Meanwhile, temperatures in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hit 96.8 and 98.6, respectively

A strong heatwave was felt throughout Monday in most parts of Israel, with temperatures reaching nearly 106 degrees Fahrenheit in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba, well above the usual temperatures for the month of April.

Meanwhile, temperatures in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem and the main metropolitan city of Tel Aviv hit 96.8 and 98.6, respectively.

In the north, where weather patterns usually skew a bit cooler, the port city of Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city, recorded temperatures of 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Earlier in the day, firefighting and rescue services issued a warning about the scorching heat and called on the population to be vigilant and stay away from areas known for wildfires.

They also asked members of the public to avoid long hikes due to weather conditions and emphasized that it is strictly forbidden to light fires in nature reserves.

On Tuesday, meteorologists expect a significant drop in temperatures, which will, however, remain above the spring average, especially in the mountains and in the center of the country.

This cooldown will continue throughout the week, but the weather will remain particularly hot for the season.

Temperatures for Tuesday are expected to hover around 81 degrees and drop to the mid-70s during the rest of the week.

Source: i24News

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