Hidden Swastika Image in NY Times Crossword Puzzle?


NEW YORK CITY (VINnews) — The NY Times has a long track record of being anti-Jewish, but they may have sunk to a new low.

It seems bizarre, and may be “coincidence”, but Sunday’s New York Times crossword puzzle layout bears an uncanny resemblance to a swastika symbol. The shape is highly symmetrical and immediately jumps out at anyone seeing it.

It’s so striking, one wonders what the statistical odds are of a shape like this being generated randomly.

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The image got the attention of several prominent Jewish leaders, including two members of the NYC council, who promptly called out the paper, which is notorious for spreading venomous hate of Jews.


Kalman Yeger tweeted: “A hidden Happy Chanukah message in today’s
@nytimes crossword?”, to which Inna Vernikov replied “Seriously @nytimes?”

The Twitter account “SAFE CUNY” which is a watchdog of sorts calling out local antisemitism in colleges and the city, tweeted: “Pretty much sums up the
@nytimes for the past few years in regard to Jews and Israel”.


Many other twitter users made the same observation.



Let’s see if the newspaper manages to come up with a reasonable explanation for what is at best, an inexplicable display of vicious callousness (or possibly much worse).

Source: VosIzNeias


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