History is about to be written. Let’s be on the right side of it.


Congress will likely vote the deal down sometime between September 11-17. The President has already told the American people and the world that he will veto such a vote, regardless of the fact that a majority of the American people and their representatives in Congress are against the deal. He simply doesn’t care what the majority of Americans feel is just and safe. The Administration has zero concern for the fact that an overwhelming 90% of all Israelis, from the far right to the FAR LEFT, are vehemently opposed to this deal. They feel it creates an existential threat to the State of Israel, and ultimately to all western democracies. They are correct.

If this deal ultimately passes, it will reward the terrorist, murderous government of Iran with an infusion of $100-150B into their coffers….and that’s just in the first year. Earlier today, the Swiss envoy to Iran implored the Europeans to invest in Iran. He called Iran the “pole of stability” in the Middle East. Three of the 6 signatories to the “deal” have already lifted sanctions.

The theocratic, authoritarian regime in Tehran follows a specific form of Messianic Shia Islam. One needs to understand the theology behind their actions and motives in order to properly analyze the wisdom of this deal. Tehran’s goals are diametrically opposed to western democratic Judeo-Christian values. They believe dying for theological reasons, with the goal of bringing their messiah, and creating a caliphate in every capital around the world, is the ultimate religious service. Western democracy and Judeo-Christian theosophy values life above all. We believe in improving everyone’s lot in life. We may disagree on how best to achieve our goals, but we remain in lock step in what our ultimate goals are. Tehran is operating out of a different stratosphere than the rest of the world.

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Iran has never changed its stated goal of obliterating the democratic State of Israel. In the Middle East, Israel is the only country run completely on the rule of law with an absolute separation of power between the branches of government. It’s the only country in the Middle East that allows complete freedom of religion, promotes women’s rights and tolerance for minorities. Its military is the only military in the world that warns terrorists, as well as those harboring them, of defensive military actions about to be taken by the IDF, in response to the terror and murder being launched from civilian sites against Israel’s innocent citizens. No other country in the world has as restrained a military in the face of 67 years of terrorism being inflicted upon it, as Israel.

Iran continues to the be world’s most proliferate exporter of murder and terrorism. Iran is already dangerously close to developing nuclear weapons, even while being subjected to crushing economic sanctions for 36 years. Imagine what an extra $100-150B will do for them. How many women’s clinics, schools, new roads and cancer research centers do you really think they’ll build with that jackpot? History, thru Neville Chamberlain contrasted with Presidents Kennedy and Reagan has taught us that peace is achieved thru strength, not passivism. Heaven help us all, if we have already forgotten.

I have different types of relationships with each of you. Forgive me for the lack of personalized contact. Theresimply isnt enough time. I implore each and every one of you to do the following:

  1. For as many of you as possible, Please attend tonight’s meeting in Beverly Hills. Brad Sherman will be there and he deserves our personal gratitude for coming out against the deal, and against the leader of his party. He’s taking a lot of flak for it.
  2. Please call or e-mail those Members listed below. To those who have come out against this blindingly naïve and dangerous deal, thank them. To those who have come out in support of the deal, express your profound disappointment and anger. To those who are as of yet undecided, please understand they are undecided because, as representatives of their constituents, they need to hear from all of us. Regardless of where you live in the country, and regardless of your party affiliation, you must get involved. Whomever you representative is, call or e-mail them immediately. This is too important to wait for others to go it alone. Every American must weigh in on this issue.
  3. Please use your business and personal contacts and get the word out. Please get everyone you can to do the same, as I ask of each of you.

History is about to be written. Let’s be on the right side of it.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter.

Larry (Yehuda) Feigen

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