House of Representatives in Holland Unanimously Votes to Cut Funding to PA


Holland’s Tweede Kamer, its House of Representatives, approved a motion to stop the transfer of money it donates to the Palestinian Authority, which is used for terrorists in Israeli prisons. All 148 members voting of the 150 members of the chamber voted in favor of the motion.
“The parliament asserts that since 2011, the Palestinian Authority transfers money to Palestinian convicts in Israeli prisons [and] that these moneys can have a negative effect, in which criminality and terrorism are rewarded,” read the motion which was submitted by the Christian Union and SGP: Reformed Political Party parties.

The lawmakers intend to review budgets submitted by the PA to determine where the funds are going, in advance of approving the transfer of funds.
The Dutch House of Representatives also asked its government to convey its views to the full European Union about the use of European aid money to reward terrorists. The Dutch Senate still has to vote on the measure.

In February of this year the PA announced it would be providing an addition $46 million a year to prisoners who had been released by Israel, including hundreds of murderers of Israeli civilians. As Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) pointed out, the PA cannot even cover its regular monthly budget without Western aid, meaning the West is also indirectly funding those terrorists. However, in 2012 the PA found the funds and paid over $75 million to terrorists in Israeli prisons and $78 million to the families of deceased terrorists, including suicide bombers. Together, these amounts account for over 16% of the annual foreign donations and grants to the PA budget.

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Since 2011, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has been reporting on the PA’s practice of rewarding terrorists and murderers with high salaries. As a result, the PA has been criticized internationally for paying these salaries. Recently, several members of US Congress suggested that the US either cancel its aid to the PA entirely until it ends this practice or that the US deduct from its aid an amount equaling the amount of money the PA spends on terrorist salaries. Norway and Britain have also demanded explanations regarding these payments.

Following the abduction and murder of the three Israeli teens in Gush Etzion last month there have been calls by American law makers to suspend US funding for the PA. In the Senate, Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), have both called for defunding the PA.

By Aryeh Savir
Tazpit News Agency


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