IDF Begins Demolishing Tunnels Exposed in Operation Northern Shield

Photo by IDF Spokesperson on 20 December, 2018

IDF Begins Demolishing Tunnels Exposed in Operation Northern Shield• By Yona Schnitzer/TPS • 20 December, 2018


By Yona Schnitzer/TPS • 20 December, 2018


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The IDF has begun neutralizing and destroying the Hezbollah attack tunnels which were discovered as part of Operation Northern Shield, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Thursday evening.

According to the IDF, this phase will include the implementation of multiple methods and technologies which will effectively neutralize the tunnels and prevent Hezbollah from making use of them and carry out its plans.

“The responsibility for digging the tunnels rests on the Lebanese government,” said the IDF, adding a warning that no one should enter or approach the tunnels from the Lebanese side.

The IDF will issue relevant warnings to relative local municipalities on the Lebanese side prior to the demolition, and will be prepared for any developments.



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