IDF Disbands Druze battalion


IDF Disbands Druze battalion in favor of full integration
IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot, announced on Monday that the IDF will be closing the Druze minority “Herev” battalion.
The decision to disband the homogeneous battalion comes as a response to an ever growing will by young Druze soldiers to integrate into various IDF units and positions.
Echoing the aspirations of Druze youth and after consultation with Druze soldiers and commanders as well as Druze community and spiritual leaders, the IDF sets to disband the unit in favor of bolstering the integration of the Druze minority in the IDF.
The “Herev” Battalion is an operational infantry unit and has been a highly decorated battalion during the Second War of Lebanon. It consists solely of members of the Druze communities throughout Israel.
The Druze are an Arab speaking ethno-religious group in the Middle East, as of 2014 Israel has over 140,000 Druze, mostly residing in the north.
Israeli Druze citizens have been growingly integrating into all aspects of Israeli society while completely retaining their unique religious and cultural heritage. Notable Druze include MK Ayoob Kara, of the Likud, who also served as Minister

By Michael Zeff

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