IDF ends data sharing with private ‘red alert’ apps that warn of Gaza rockets


IDF ends data sharing with private ‘red alert’ apps that warn of Gaza rockets




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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Thursday that it was discontinuing its data sharing with private “red alert” smartphone applications that warn of incoming rocket fire from the Gaza Strip out of concern over the spread of false alerts.

The IDF said that there are several private applications that use Home Front Command data to alert Israelis when rocket sirens sound in communities across the country, but due to technical glitches, they sometimes send false alerts.

The army said it decided to discontinue such apps following citizen complaints.

“Many private entities and entrepreneurs make use of the alerts posted on the [Home Front Command] site for distribution to various applications,” the army said Thursday.

“Recently, complaints were received from citizens that false alarms had been distributed to users due to technical malfunctions in the private systems that are not under the responsibility and control of the Home Front Command.”

The army added that even when the systems function properly, alerts often arrive late.

“In light of the aforementioned reasons and considerations, the Home Front Command has decided to prevent access to the site’s alert file,” it announced.

The IDF recommended that those who wish to receive alerts to their smartphones use the official Home Front Command app, which the army said provides “reliable, real-time” information on rocket alerts and other events.



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