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IDF Launches Widespread Attack on Islamic Jihad Terror Targets in Gaza

IDF Launches Widespread Attack on Islamic Jihad Terror Targets in Gaza
Photo by Yissachar Ruas/TPS on 13 November, 2019

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) on Wednesday concluded a broad attack on Islamic Jihad terror targets in the Gaza Strip, as the terrorists continued their rocket fire on Israeli communities in southern Israel.

An IDF spokesman stated that the wave of attacks increased in its rate and scope. A major rocket production plant was attacked in the southern Gaza Strip. The plant produced unique raw materials for long-range rockets.

The Islamic Jihad rocket production system enables the terror group to replenish and maintain its rocket inventory. The array consists of a number of sites across the Strip, each entrusted with one or more of the rocket manufacturing processes required: production of rocket raw materials, component engraving, computing and electronics, and assembly.

Likewise, the IAF bombed an Islamic Jihad headquarters in Khan Khan Yunis and an arms cache situated in the home of Adam Abu Hadeed, an Islamic Jihad activist.

Simultaneously, an IDF Naval vessel attacked a vessel belonging to the Islamic Jihad’s naval force used in training for future naval attacks, and a military compound used for training of its naval force that also served as a weapons warehouse.

The IDF has refrained from attacking Hamas targets in the Strip.

Since the beginning of the bombardment on Tuesday morning, the Gaza-based terrorists have launched some 300 rockets at Israel. About 90% of the rockets that would have landed in populated areas were intercepted by the Iron Dome systems. A total of 60% of the rockets exploded in open spaces, and dozens other exploded inside Gaza.

Israeli emergency medical teams have treated dozens of Israelis who sustained light injuries while running for cover and others who were treated for shock. No Israelis have been killed or directly injured by the rocket fire.

The IAF conducted strikes against terror targets in Gaza, and specifically against the cells launching the rockets, and has eliminated at least 15 terrorists involved in the rocket fire.


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