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IDF Seizes Hamas Base, Targets 450 Aerial Sites

Smoke and flames rise during Israeli strikes in Gaza City, Sunday night. (REUTERS/Mohammed Al-Masri)

On Monday, the IDF announced their successful takeover of a Hamas base in Gaza. Over the past 24 hours, the IDF conducted strikes on 450 aerial targets and eliminated a commander within the terrorist group.

According to the IDF statement, the captured Hamas base contained observation posts, training facilities for terrorist operatives, and tunnels used for nefarious purposes.

The aerial targets struck by the air force included military compounds, observation posts, anti-tank positions, and more. The naval forces also targeted Hamas’s headquarters, anti-tank missile launch sites, and other observation posts.

The IDF’s operation resulted in the elimination of Hamas commander Jamal Musa, responsible for overseeing special security matters within the terrorist organization. In 1993, Musa carried out a shooting attack against IDF forces patrolling the Gaza Strip.

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